Newstead 2021 AGM – invitation and reminder

A quick reminder that the Newstead 2021 AGM will be held today – 5pm at the Newstead Community Garden.

As always it will be a relaxed an informal gathering – current members and newcomers are most welcome. There will be drinks and nibbles and you’ll get a chance to hear from three younger Newsteadians about their reflections, adventures and aspirations since growing up in our community.

Newstead 2021 plays a supporting role in projects with broad community benefit, such as the Community Garden, Railway Arts Hub and Renewable Newstead – its a great chance to get an update on these and other projects.


2 thoughts on “Newstead 2021 AGM – invitation and reminder

  1. Hi Geoff. Sorry we missed the AGM. We checked out the Newstead market for the first time and we were working at Newstead today but didn’t know the meeting was on this evening otherwise we would have joined in. Maybe next year when we are living at Newstead full time. Jan and Graham


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