Funding Proposals

The following proposals for funding have been developed.

  1. Regional Arts Victoria: Small Towns Transformations (2013) – The project will use art as a transformative tool to link the Newstead community, revitalise a public utility of architectural, historical and aesthetic value and provide a focus for practising artists, the wider community and visitors from further afield. Click here to view the proposal.
  2. VicTrack – Community Vacant Use Program (2014) – This is the proposal that led to the successful restoration of the former Newstead Railway Station. Click here to view the proposal.
  3. Regional Arts Victoria, Victoria Regional Arts Fund Project Grants Round 2, 2015: Visioning Newstead (2015) – The Newstead Railway Arts Hub is a new community space created through the recent restoration of the former Newstead Railway Station. A consortium of local community groups is working together to develop the station and surrounds as a vibrant creative gathering place – where art can be practised, appreciated and celebrated, and as a focal point for the local artistic community. The project will support a series of six events during 2016, with local artists using a diverse range of art forms, to engage the wider community in exploring the ‘sense of place’ and creative possibilities emerging around
    the Hub. Click here to view the proposal.

Update (Jan 2016) – Unfortunately we were unsuccessful with our application but hope to pursue other avenues to secure funding for this idea.

4. In December 2015 we applied for an Australian Government Community Volunteer Grant. Click here to view the proposal.


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