Shift – Julie Patey, Chrisanne Blennerhassett, Tony Day

SHIFT: noun.  A slight change in position or direction.

The three artists showing at the Newstead Arts Hub in December 2019 met through their arts practice. All artists are quietly observant of their local central Victorian landscape, which individually transfers to a diverse series of artworks of mixed disciplines.

Julie Patey

Patey rearranges nature to enhance “the moment”. The slither of light breaks through a dawn, a texture catches a light or the rhythm nature is noticed in a line.

Darkness and subtle colour is celebrated not merely as the absence of light but rather a positive presence.

Seeing the poetic in the everyday, Patey explores natural pigments and traditional mediums to encourage a closer look at our environment rather like memory traces.

Chrisanne Blennerhassett

Blennerhassett ‘s work is driven by a concern for the environment, as we sit on the edge of the future and begin to sense the early signs of the collapse of systems…

Tony Day

In Tony Day’s work he explores his past and present while pegging out daily happenstance and absurdities to illustrate lived experiences. The inherent elements in his work include humour, sadness, loss and the joys of life that come into play to invoke a sense of personal myth to the viewer.