Rolling into summer at the Arts Hub


Come celebrate Newstead Arts Hub’s last show for the year – Saturday 7 December 4-6pm with artists Julie Patey, Chrisanne Blennerhassett and Tony Day.

Above: Work by Chrisanne Blennerhassett.

Flowing on beautifully from the previous exhibition at the Hub, this upcoming group show draws inspiration both from our changing environment, and the fluctuation of the lives we live.

The exhibition brings together the work of three central Victorian artists who met through their art practice and connected over their shared exploration of their immediate environments and experiences. All three artists love observing, reflecting, and giving visual form to their impressions, as well as the ongoing exploration of working across media and arts disciplines.

We look forward to celebrating the results of their work, and to being amongst a loving crowd at the ‘meet the artists’ gathering, Saturday 7 December from 4 to 6 pm.

Shift opening hours are Saturday 7 – Sunday 22 December, 11am-4pm (weekends only).

Above: Works by Julie Patey (at top) and Tony Day (detail, at bottom), part of Shift, opening Saturday December 7, and running until Sunday 22 December.

Celebrating Crosscurrents

Lovers of art and artists filled the rooms of the Hub for the opening of Crosscurrents – an exhibition of works by Cherryl Fyffe, Barbara Semler, Anne Tyndall, Judith Warnest, Joan Halpin and Liz Carkeek.

The ties that connect these six artists was evident in their opening words, and could be felt in the harmonious flow of the show from one gallery to the next. Prints, ceramics, drawings, collages and textiles communicated a deep empathy with the environment and an abiding love of materials, marks and textures.

Judith Warnest also ran a Visual Thinking Workshop in the Hub, where participants played with words, materials and ideas, getting hands-on amongst the works on exhibition. 
“The group looked at images and social media that is ‘fed’ to us constantly, then reworked some of our thoughts through clay into tangible objects” (Judith Warnest).

So lovely to have art-making and art-showing in the one space!

Above: Opening speeches and keen observers at Crosscurrents, November 2019.
Above: Crosscurrents Visual Thinking workshop in progress.

Instrument Makers’ Gallery

Newstead Live at the Hub 25-26 January 2020

As part of Newstead Live, the Arts Hub will host a gallery of hand-made instruments and their makers.

A chance to see and hear some of the most skillfully crafted instruments around, and to talk to the makers about their work and their music. A perfect opportunity to buy a unique and beautiful instrument.

Gallery times: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 January 2020, 10am – 5pm.

Find out more about Newstead Live, view the full program and buy tickets here.

Welcoming artists to the Hub in 2020

“With a number of rooms, you can have an individual artist in each, and focus on the output of that one artist” (Hub exhibition visitor).

“I love the space, the light is lovely, and there’s a view out every window!” (Artist).

We are excited by the responses we have received after our call-out to artists to propose exhibitions, workshops, talks, community activities or events for the Newstead Arts Hub’s 2020 program. Thank you!

The Hub committee is looking forward to reviewing them and talking with the artists involved over the coming weeks.

As a community-run space, we like to be able to respond to new ideas, and embrace the unexpected, so we plan to leave a few windows open in our 2020 programming for just that!

So, if you are just at the ‘musing’ stage of your workshop, event or exhibition idea, or know of artists or arts organisers ‘in the wings’ who may be more spontaneous in their making and exhibiting, please encourage them to think of Newstead Arts Hub and get in touch.Our door is always open.

Hub volunteers

Volunteers are the foundation of our lovely Hub! Once again we are struck by the generosity and willingness of our local community. Interested locals have answered our call for a photographer and a handy-person, and we are in conversation with them at present. Wonderful!If you are interested to contribute as well, in either of these roles or another of your making, please get in touch. There may well be something you can do, and are willing to offer voluntarily, that we don’t yet realise we need!Email us at, or phone Julie Patey on 0408 528 536.

Friends of the Hub

Become an integral part of the Newstead Arts Hub Community!We are always ready to welcome more Friends of the Hub!Through donations, Hub Friends support the development of the Arts Hub. In return they are invited to a special annual Friends event each year.You can become a Friend of the Hub with a donation of $20 or more. For more information or to make your donation email us at newsteadartshub@gmail.comAnd a big thank you to all our current Hub Friends. Your valuable support goes a long way!

Our supporters


Newstead Arts Hub – in full Spring Swing!

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Crosscurrents – Open each weekend during November

Artists – Cherryl Fyffe, Barbara Semler, Anne Tyndall, Judith Warnest, Joan Halpin and Liz Carkeek

This exhibition draws on creative ties that bind with works by a group of women who have maintained a deep shared interest and connection with mark making and creative practice since working together through Visual Arts studies at Bendigo TAFE.

All six artists have an affinity and connection to their surrounds, a potent source of inspiration. The work on show includes printmaking, drawing, watercolour, collage and textiles, ceramics and contemporary image making processes.

And for those who want to get all hands-on, come join the Crosscurrents artists for a:

Visual Thinking Workshop
A hands-on exploration of thought, word and material
Saturday 16 November, 1-3pm
Free event, all welcome!

Crosscurrents will be on show 3 – 24 November, 11am-4pm on weekends.

Arts and Community Events wanted!

Expressions of Interest are sought from artists and community members who would like to be part of Newstead Arts Hub’s 2020 program.

2020 will see an expansion of our current exhibition program to include a wider range of activities and groups using the space. So we warmly welcome proposals for exhibitions, performances, talks, workshops, events, and other activities from the arts and broader community.

The Newstead Arts Hub has multiple light-filled exhibition spaces suitable for solo and group shows, and “the platform” is a great outdoor space for projections, performances and dinners.

Our workshop space can accommodate half, full and multiple day workshops. The Hub has a well-equipped kitchen, wifi, tables and chairs on hand, and is wheelchair accessible.

We encourage proposals that will:

  • Build and strengthen creative networks in our region
  • Support arts activities in Newstead
  • Connect with Newstead community and Newstead and district events

For more information and to submit your Expression of Interest via our online form visit the Bookings page of our website. Proposals are due by Sunday 10 November 2019.

Hub Volunteers

Now recruiting!

Volunteers are the foundation of our lovely Hub! We would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in either (or both!) of these opportunities – roles you can definitely put your own stamp on:


Seeking someone (or someones!) who could provide photographic documentation of our events, shows, gatherings, community moments …. be part of telling the Hub’s story as it continues to unfold.


Seeking a go-to person for the little maintenance tasks that crop up now and then in a community facility like the Hub … help us keep this lovely space ‘on the rails’.

If you would like to know more, or make an offer related to either of these positions, we very much welcome you to get in touch.

You can email us at, or phone Julie Patey on 0408 528 536.

Friends of the Hub

Become an integral part of the Newstead Arts Hub Community!

We are always ready to welcome more Friends of the Hub!

Through donations, Hub Friends support the development of the Arts Hub. In return they are invited to a special annual Friends event each year.

You can become a Friend of the Hub with a donation of $20 or more. For more information or to make your donation email us at

And a big thank you to all our current Hub Friends. Your valuable support goes a long way!





Maldon & District Community Bank

Newstead Arts Hub – What’s on in September

The Arts Hub is blooming: it might almost be spring.

Welcome Friends

Welcome to all our new Friends who signed up at our morning tea on Sunday June 23. If you are not a Friend yet, please become an active supporter of the Arts Hub. In exchange we’ll run a Friends event each year and you’ll be invited to other special happenings. To join as a Friend, download the form, make a donation, and send or drop it in to the Arts Hub.

Building Stronger Connections project

We were delighted to receive funding under the Mount Alexander Community Grants Program for Building Stronger Connections a project designed to expand the range of activities at the Arts Hub, streamline our communications, and get to know more about what our communities want from their Arts Hub. Creating our Friends group is one of our first steps. The project runs until the end of 2019.

To support the Building Stronger Connections project, we are pleased to announce that Melissa Proposch and Kir Larwill from Artpuff will be working with us, bringing fresh eyes, great connections and a wealth of experience. We were very fortunate to have had many talented people apply for the role, and we look forward to them getting involved in other ways.

Selina Wilson’s stunning colours – Endless BeauTEA

Our next exhibition is by Newstead local Selina Wilson: 31 August – 29 September, weekends, 10am-4pm. Opens 2pm, 31 August.

Selina’s recent works, created over the last 18 months, speak to her love of colour and play. Not one to take herself too seriously, her paintings aim to offer a smile and some joy. Colour, beauty and fun remain her primary sources of inspiration.  Selina explores these themes across a broad range of media including synthetic polymer (acrylic) paint, resin, inks, porcelain, cloth and paper. Selina is a regular contributor in Arts Open, Newstead Open Studio Arts Trail and the Castlemaine State Festival.

Looking to 2020

Watch out for our call for Expressions of Interest for exhibitions, workshops, talks or other activities in October. Or if there is a workshop you’d love to go to, let us know too! The Arts Hub is open to all kinds of creativity.


Earth and Stone exhibition – Open Sat-Sun, 10am to 4pm to 26 August

Welcoming people to the opening of Earth and Stone, an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by John A. Smith and David Waters, local printmaker Diana Orinda Burns drew attention to the strong sense of place evoked in the exhibition. She pointed out how the exhibition conveyed the sensations of being in the landscape, not only seeing, feeling, but how hearing and imagination help channel a new understanding of place.

Both artists use earth and stone in their works, John in his ground gravel and earth pigments, David with his volcanic basalt sculptures and pigment paint. Both engage the viewer in ceremony and ritual, whether it be a mark in the landscape or a pattern on a rock, reminding us of the fragility of the earth we stand on, and the importance of creativity to bridge time and cultures.

Referring to John’s paintings, Diana said: “We are not outsiders, we are one with country, this is not a landscape but an actual place of being, it has no artifice or pretence, the paint surface rises up to meet us, inviting us to just be. We travel through exterior spaces to the interior space of place where imagination meets the mysteries of history and what has happened before.”

The Celtic weaving patterns on some of David’s sculptures and paintings, also drew her attention. Diana noted that the method is simple, with a simple figure-of-eight or infinity sign creating a pattern that is said to bring harmony, balance, unity, and rhythm. The clay-rendered weft pattern in his paintings are subtle and considered, conveying a sense of connectedness and belonging. In Diana’s eyes, harmony with oneself, others and the environment are at the heart of David’s work.

David’s pigments are not permanent; he causes no harm to the environment nor to each rock’s natural form and surface. In time, his drawings on the volcanic basalt collected from his home in Redesdale will wash away, but the invisible networks that express his intention will remain. Rock paintings and the rituals associated with them take us back to the beginnings of art history as we know it.

John Smith, Diana Orinda Burns, David Waters

Diana concluded that, for her, the exhibition is refined in its material content but very raw in the questions it provokes. It offers a humility where reverence prevails.

Open each weekend until 26 August. Don’t miss it!